just so disgusted with the Bushwick neighborhood

The neighborhood where I live, Bushwick, in Brooklyn, is what made me start blogging about the problem of car alarms. It’s a great neighborhood—tons of nice people, anything you want to buy, lots of great Mexican and Ecuadorian food, some fun bars, etc, but for some reason, a few cars around here are so valuable that they need a incredibly sensitive car alarms, and they need to park outside my front door. Look, your car is a minivan, Mr. North Carolina plates ZND-8050: nobody wants to look at your diaper-smelling car, much less steal it. Well, that’s not true, I want to steal it and drive it off a cliff. But anyway, this particular car has earned a special badge of honor: I’ve written a letter to the DEP, and more importantly, to my city councilman, who is quite responsive to letters.

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